Such a thing of beauty that describing it would be futile, you have to ride it and feel for yourself how it feels to be in the presence of greatness. Going on board a Cadillac Escalade brings a feeling of awe and admiration not only for the exterior designing of the car nor the luxurious interior but also for the marvelous engineering that made such a car as this possible. And we can surely consider it to be a blessing to us for this timeless beauty of a car just got better.

With the 2007 model of the Escalade, Cadillac not only brings to the table what it has been offering to the public ever since they set foot in the industry but it also offers the public a whole new set of performance enhancing features. Not resting on their laurels, the people who designed this new model has pulled all the stops to give the public something that is loaded with features that leaves nothing to imagination. Of course, what can we expect from one of the forward thinking companies such as Cadillac?

The new Escalade has an array of features you would definitely want to be in your ride. It boasts of a Bosch audio system, which by the way is one of the best audio system in the world, a remote starter, power lift tailgate, HID headlamps, heated washer fluid system, rear-view camera and tri-zone climate controls. Awesome, huh?

If that is not enough for you, check where all the power comes from for you to drive this monster of a truck. It carries a mean Generation IV, 6.2 liter Vortec V8 engine which packs an awesome 403 horsepower and capable of churning out 417 lb. ft. of torque. All these power needs to get to the wheels and that is where the six-speed Hydra-matic 6L80 Heavy Duty automatic transmission comes in. This bridges the engine to the wheels thru other heavy duty Cadillac parts. It also offers a shift handle with a rocker shift to switch from manual to automatic transmission. Though, this feature seems to be for towing purposes only since it takes a little while for the transmission to kick into another gear. By the way, its towing capacity is a respectable 7700 lbs which is strong enough for a vehicle in the class of the Escalade.

Fuel efficiency is a little bit better than the previous models, promising 13 mpg on city driving or 19 mpg on the highway. This may come as a surprise because of the increase in power from the older model but the difference in fuel consumption is so small that it is negligible. Nevertheless, in the long run, owners of this vehicle will feel it in their wallets.

Comfort for the driver as well as the passengers have been given attention too. It still bears the mark that the company prides itself in, the pampering and the total pleasing experience when riding a vehicle such as this. The Escalade can normally seat up to 7 passengers but with the bench second seat, it can accommodate eight. The driver’s seat is one of the more comfortable ones in any vehicles in the market today.

The manufacturer made sure that the person to drive their product will be in no hurry to leave his seat. Users can also control the seat to the best possible position while driving so that even long drives would not bring discomfort to the back and posterior of the driver. Also incorporated are adjustable pedals to make driving and controlling the gas and brakes more convenient for any driver, something any Escalade driver knows too well.

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Correy Putton is a 28-year old bachelor from Pittsburgh, PA who has been around cars for the better part of his life.  He now works online and writes all about his passion: cars.  He is also a certified mechanic.