From the desk of Dr Magne, author with Wallace Wattles of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course.

Pain can be mysterious, and its causes unknown. But if you could see the pain — or, at least, your brain’s reaction to it — you might be able to master it.

A study asked people in pain to control a pain-regulating region of the brain by watching activity in that area from inside a real-time magnetic resonance imaging machine. Results showed subjects could reduce their pain dramatically.

Humans can take control of a specific region of the brain, and thereby decrease pain, “Most people found it very exciting to be able to watch the activity in their own brain, moment by moment, as it took place,”

A pain psychologist Texas, said she thinks the study lends scientific data to what scientists already knew empirically — that people can decrease their own pain by focusing on certain thoughts.

It probably also helped that subjects could watch their brain activity unfold on a screen, she said. For years, some therapy methods have allowed patients to monitor and try to control their biofeedback by concentrating on things like skin temperature and heart rate.

It will be some time before such therapy could be available for commercial use. They’re investigating the process and right now they’re focusing on a study to investigate the effects of long-term neuroimaging therapy. One day, patients may even be able to think away other problems like depression, anxiety and dyslexia.

“We don’t yet have a good answer to what happens if you keep practicing and practicing,” he said. The magic here is that as humans, we have in fact the power to control our levels of pain with our mind. Such a feeling is overwhelming and we tend to feel victim to the pain we experience. However, with the power of relaxation and visualization, patients have cured themselves of violent migraine headaches, and even been able to undergo surgery without any anesthesia.

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