In the previous parts of this series we discussed the negative levels of conciousness
as well as how to transcend them. In the following parts of this series we will be
discussing the positive levels of conciousness and how to develop true power
within yourself and your life. These levels also give way to higher levels of understanding
and conciousness. Here we will be discussing the levels of courage, neutrality, and willingness.

The level of courage is the first of the positive levels on the map of conciousness. This is
where power first appears. At this level true empowerment begins to take place. Fortitude,
determination, perseverance, and drive begin to form. At the lower levels, the world is seen
as hopeless, sad, scary, and frustrating. At the level of courage, life begins to be seen as
exciting, enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating, and challenging. Courage implies the willingness
to deal with change in a constructive manner as well as face the challenges of life head on.
At this level, people begin to put back into the world the same amount of energy they take.
At lower levels, much more energy is taken than given back. This is because of positive accomplishment
and a more well rounded view of reality and the world.

At the level of neutrality, people begin to take on the ability to release themselves from
the need to have a solid position often found in the lower levels. People below the level
of neutrality tend to see things as being divided and take a rigid position on one side or the
other. At this level one is able to take a flexible, non-judgemental, realistic approach to the world.
At this level one is able to realize that there are literally hundreds of options for any problem. If
you don’t get this car, another one will come along. If you don’t get this, another one is available.
There is no need to get stuck on one specific outcome or position. As there is always two sides to a
coin, there is always more than one solution and way of dealing with any given situation.

The next level is the level of willingness. This is a very positive level of conciousness and energy.
This level is the gateway to higher levels. At the lower levels, using neutrality as an example, things
may be done adequately, however, at the level of willingness, things are done very well and success
in all endevours is common. At this level, growth begins to happen very rapidly. At this level, one
has overcome the inner resistance to life and is more able to flow with daily life. The ability to let go
of things and flow with the natural way of things is a sign of being at this level. Just as a river
doesn’t fight to get to the ocean. It makes it’s own path and follows the path of least resistance.
At this level, self-esteem and confidence is high and is reinforced by positive feedback from
society and the results of action.

At the above levels, accomplishment becomes easy. One is much more able to accomplish anything
they set their mind to as they are more capable of not only seeing the positive, but also able to fit
into what is going on around them. In the following parts of this series, we will be discussing more
of the positive levels of conciousness. The key to transcending these upper levels is the ability
to focus on the weeknesses that restrict one from progressing at ones current level as well as ones
ability to focus on the traits of the next level. Take the time to evaluate where you are, what needs to
be done to get to the next level, and taking the time to take action each day to do so.