The Incomparable Elegance of Antique Jewelry

From the symbols of love like Engagement Rings to the
symbols of commitment like Wedding Rings; Antique Jewelry holds a certain charm
that cannot be compared with contemporary jewelry.

Antique jewelries or vintage jewelries are treasures from
the past, a glimpse and a perfect example of the beauty of a bygone era.
Antique jewelry has that certain aura that draws us into it. It is difficult to
pinpoint or determine what exactly draws us to antique jewelry. Maybe because
of the item’s history, or its historical value or its elegant appeal, but
whatever it is, antique jewelry never goes out of fashion.

The great thing about antique jewelry/ vintage jewelry is
that its value does not depreciate but only appreciates with time. Some pieces
may well become collector’s item or museum pieces and it may fetch as much as a
small fortune. As it ages, its value rises and its importance becomes more
prominent. Antique jewelry also stands out when placed along and together with
contemporary jewelry, making you the focal point or the center of attention in
any occasion.

But finding real, authentic antique or vintage jewelry is
very hard to do. Antique jewelries are never sold in department stores and jewelry
shops rarely have them on collection. The only time you can see one is on
exhibitions of private collections and various social gatherings. The only way
you can surely acquire original and authentic ones is through inheritance, when
jewelries are handed down as heirlooms or during auctions of estate jewelry or
chance sales by vintage jewelry owners/collectors.

Original antique jewelry pieces are also replicated and
reproduced by many jewelers. They often sell these to people claiming that they
are unique and original antique jewelry. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a
piece is original or not. So it is important that you just buy antique jewelry
from reputable dealers and jewelers who have proven their worth in the industry
of antique jewelry trade. It is also important that you do a little research
before you buy an antique jewelry. You can readily do so with your local
library or through the internet. Auctions often have instructive manuals and
booklets that would help you understand, identify and know the history and
statistics about each of the pieces.

All in all, hunting and acquiring becomes a great experience
once you know the ins and outs of the antique jewelry trade. Unique,
one-of-a-kind and exotic ancient treasures abound, all you have to do is find
them. And the moment you find one for yourself, the joy that it will give you
in the years to come will be worth all the effort.

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About the Author

The author works for Sylvias Antiques, a sit thatspecializes in antique and estate jewelry, with emphasis on one-of-a-kindengagement rings and wedding rings from different eras.