The Ford Motor Company is very much responsible for the Ford Crown Victoria. This vehicle has actually been in production since the year 1955 and up until the present, the vehicle is still being continuously manufactured. It is a full size vehicle and has been crafted and manufactured in one body style which is a sedan that holds four doors. It has been mounted and built on the FR Panther platform and for this very reason, it has been said that the Ford Crown Victoria is very much a relative of the Mercury Grand Marquis, the Mercury Marauder, and the Lincoln Town Car. The vehicles that has been said and classified as the competition of the Ford Crown Victoria include the Buick Lucerne, and the Toyota Avalon.

Despite the fact that the Ford Crown Victoria has been manufactured since the middle of the 1950s, this vehicle has had only quite a few number of sales compared to other vehicle brands and vehicle models. However, this vehicle has been one of the most popular vehicles among fleets. It has been said that it has a twin, which is the Mercury Grand Marquis. Now, both the Ford Crown Victoria and the Mercury Grand Marquis are popularly used by fleets. At present, the color choices for the interior of the Ford Crown Victoria include Charcoal Black Leather, Light Camel Leather, and Medium Light Stone Leather. As per the exterior, only four choices are available and these colors are Dark Toreador Red, Silver Birch, Black, and Tungsten Clearcoat Metallic.

Come the 1990s, the Ford Crown Victoria continuously received changes from its manufacturer, the Ford Motor Company. In 1993, the vehicle received a new grille. One of its trim levels, the Touring Sedan, was deleted from the list. The sedan now boasted of new appliqué between its tail lamps, and cup holders were added in as well. In 1994, the dual air bags were then made standard for the vehicle. Come the year 1995, the vehicle held a revised grille and tail lamps. It also was the proud owner of new bumper fascias, a new wider, and lower opening trunk, as well as color keyed bodyside moldings. Two years after, the Ford Crown Victoria now had a much more improved handling because its power steering system was revised. In 1998, it got a new restyling. Come the year 2000, the Ford Crown Victoria then received safety features like an emergency trunk lid release inside its trunk, and three child seat upper anchorages for the rear seat.

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