Let me make a prediction…

There are moments in your life when you just want to have sex!

While you probably know the importance of a relationship or even might be looking for that special someone, there are times when you only want to get laid.

That’s why it’s important to know how to seduce women.

Without seduction, you have little chance of having sex.

Now many guys understand the importance of seduction, but they don’t know where to start. In fact they’ve probably found that it can be quite difficult to transition from a date to “getting it on” with a woman.

If you’re one of these guys, then I don’t have to tell you that it’s frustrating to like a woman but have no clue about how to seduce her.

But allow me to let you in on a little secret…

Women like sex as much as we do!

While they pretend to be seduced, they actually probably have as much desire for sex as any man. However they’re fairly selective about the manner of their sexual encounters.

For instance, women don’t like to make the first move. Instead they want to be pursued and desired by men. In essence this means you have to have the courage and forwardness to become a seducer of women.

Even if a woman is really into you, sex won’t happen unless you make the first move. That means if she’s into you there’ll be little resistance to your seduction techniques.

Now I know you might be one of those guys who is nervous about making the first move.

If that’s the case, then you can use the following technique for progressing from a date to having sex…

It’s called ‘making a transition’

A transition is any point in any moment when you can increase intimacy with a woman.

An example would be when you’re talking to a woman and start kissing her.

In his landmark ebook, Double Your Dating, David DeAngelo discusses the importance of why transitions can pull you from one step to the next. David has stated that there are key points when you’re with a woman which provides an opportunity to take things to the next level.

The techniques covered in ‘Double Your Dating’ emphasize the importance understanding your transitional point and how to achieve it.

To go from meeting a woman to having sex, you have to plan every single escalation point and what you’ll do to make it happen. By knowing how to navigate through this process, you’ll discover that seduce women is fairly easy!

My advice for planning out your transitions is to write down all the times where you encounter a roadblock or stopping point. In order to progress past this point, you have to identify the specific action you need to take.

So think of this moment and how you’ll handle it!

Some examples could include getting a woman’s number, setting up a date, initiating physical contact, kissing her and then finally seducing her.

As I said before, identify the next step you should take, write it down and figure out how to make that transition. Then put it to memory.

By planning out your transitions, you’ll be able to rapidly seduce her with confidence and ease.

Understanding how to seduce women is a skill which can be learned. If you understand these transition techniques, you’ll be able to seduce women quickly and effortlessly.