Different drivers look for different cars. Some might look at speed while others for the power the car packs or how sturdy the structure is. There are numerous ways a person can choose his car.

In search of their perfect cars, they may have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to choose and spend their hard earned money on. While some may find their dream car sooner than later, there are those who take so much time and goes through different choices. In one of these searches, one may find the Eagle Talon. While the brand has been an underrated member of the Chrysler family since its inception in 1987, their Base model of the Talon has more than held on its own against other sports car with bigger names.

The car is suitable for first time buyers of sports car; it has the look and feel of a sports car even though its brand name may not be that famous. It possesses that aura that can turn heads as it passes by. It has that aggressive look common on all sports car out in our roads today. After all, how a car looks is one of the aspects buyers are looking for especially when opting to buy a sports car. Who would not want a flashy car when it comes to sports cars?

The Base model is not just all about looks though it has a decent acceleration with 140 horsepower coming from the 2.0 liter twin-cam four cylinder Chrysler engine which can generate torque of up to 130 lb/ft. It may not sound much but add to that the entire design of the car and the power of the engine can propel this car to a very fast speed.

Users have the choice of either a manual transmission or an automatic one. But users who opt to go for the manual transmission find it hard to master and may take some time to getting used to. So, the safest bet is to go for the automatic four speed transmission. While that may be the case, performance enthusiasts may still go for the manual transmission for the added thrill and excitement to the whole driving experience. The steering of this car is above par for it gives you an experiencing of racing with precision. Everything all adds up to the whole sports car feel that the car promises to give to its potential driver.

To achieve the full potential of the engine, the car is designed to have a low drag coefficient thereby increasing savings on fuel consumption and further enhance the full potential of the engine, making the car go even faster. Add to that the savings on service maintenance for the Eagle parts used in the entire automobile is of high quality. The performance of such parts is vital to the lifespan of the car, and we all know how important that is in the long run.

Added to the whole package of the car is its comfortable driver’s seat. It boasts of having a good side and back support to keep the driver comfortable even on long distance travels. It also gives the driver that tight feel common on performance racing cars. The tachometer and the speedometer are easily visible to the driver and the rest of the controls are conveniently located on the control panel right into the center of the console.

All in all, this Base model of the Eagle Talon gives the user the feel of driving a sports car. It comes with the looks and the performance to back it up.

About the Author

Correy Putton is a 28-year old bachelor from Pittsburgh, PA who has been around cars for the better part of his life.  He now works online and writes all about his passion: cars.  He is also a certified mechanic.