The Red Hat Society is a wonderful organization where women, usually over the age of 50, gather for fun, parties and a whole lot of camaraderie. Perhaps you’ve already heard the buzz and are thinking about becoming a member or starting a chapter in your own neighborhood. Or maybe you’ve recently retired, have raised your family, ran your household and are looking for a little something different in your life.

Here are some do’s and don’t regarding the exciting and friendly world of The Red Hat Society.

The Red Hat Society Do’s

– Do join a chapter if you are looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate life. The women of the society are known for throwing fabulous parties and their famous tea parties.

– Do buy a stunning red hat and a spectacular purple outfit once you’re ready to become one of the Red Hatters. The more elaborate and beautiful the better!

– Do join in on the fun if you’re under the age of 50 and wear a lovely pink hat and a crazy lavender outfit until you reach that special birthday.

– Do know that you will form new and lasting friendships that you’ll more than likely treasure for a lifetime.

– Do remember that each chapter of The Red Hat Society is free to plan any type of fun event that they wish.

The Red Hat Society Don’ts

– Don’t join the society if you don’t want to meet new and interesting people.

– Don’t bother becoming a member if you don’t plan on having a lot of fun and trying out new, exciting things.

– Don’t bother joining if you aren’t prepared to wear the most gorgeous red hats and purple outfits that you can possibly find!

– Don’t join the group if you’re looking for one that’s extremely organized or one that follows a set list of guidelines or rules.

– Don’t miss out on becoming a part of the best group in the world where friendly, caring women come together for fun and friendship!