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The Dell Inspiron 1000 Notebook

is one of the most basic, yet readily capable machines to grace the computer

market in quite some time. Though many

now find the unit obsolete, the 1000 is still a fully-functional piece of

equipment that easily handles many tasks at once. One of the greatest features on the 1000 is

its ability to display images via its large display screen, which has great

pixel resolution of 1024 X 768, and does not let down the user where other

units might. The fifteen inch screen is

more than large enough to display much needed information, pictures, or game

screens, all of which are common functions that can be easily orchestrated by

the Dell Inspiron 1000. The graphics

processor also helps with the computers ability to handle more superficial

tasks. The notebook uses the AGP SIS

M650, which is an industry standard for many computing units, and works well

with computers that have shared video memory, like the 1000.

One of the computers

downsides is the sound quality that initially comes out of the 1000. The sound is not bad, but it certainly isnt

at the premium level that most notebooks tend to achieve these days. Another downside of the sound quality is the

computers incessant “bump” sounds, a problem that occurs every so often,

especially when listening to music. The

sound does get better when the unit is hooked up to external speakers, so do

not rely on the built-in stereo speakers, which do not do their job. External speakers sound much better, but the

“bump” noises can still be heard through them, which can be utterly

annoying. Another problem with the sound

is hearing what sounds like a sound file peaking, when in actuality the speaker

is producing a noise it cannot handle, and therefore produces a distorted sound

that is not the fault of the sound file itself, but more the fault of the

computers faulty speakers.

Overall, the computer

seems to handle at a pretty impressive rate.

The computer does seem to handle everyday tasks in a very simple manner,

but that does not designate it to have an adequate system. Most computers do not truly go through

processing and memory tests until their systems have been tried by thorough

software and hardware installations, which can wreak havoc on an underperforming

unit. Sadly, this computer can only

handle a few of these installations, and usually cannot handle having one

outside computer game installed into its system. Even with the individual game the system

seems to falter. There are other

programs on the computer, but they are purely operational beings, which should

not affect the users recreational experience, and especially should not

negatively impact the computers need to have many programs going at once, but

they do. The Dell Ispiron 1000 Notebook

is not meant for fun and games of any large magnitude. The notebook can fare very well with minimal

software downloads, but does not seem to be keen on operating with large

installations, which puts this computer at a very big disadvantage in todays


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Although the sound does

lack, and the performance of many tasks by this notebook is nearly impossible,

there are some functions that still operate properly, and can be advantageous

to the owner of the 1000. The notebook

comes with a fully-functional CD-ROM drive, which also plays DVDs, and has a

CD-R burner, which is a necessity in todays world, of modern downloads. DVD viewing is quite pleasurable, especially

due to the notebooks large screen, and though the sound does often fail during

parts of the viewing experience, the visuals do tend to make up for the initial

downfalls experienced by the user. The

burning experience is an overall plus for the user, as there have been no major

problems found with the burning hardware inherent to the computer, but the main

obstacle is finding a program that adequately burns albums and files without

causing major interference to the user.

Compact disc listening is also quite pleasurable, but must be done

through headphones if one wants the true quality experience of listening to

music. The discs rarely skip, and the

computer seems to handle the task quite easily, though it does get a bit warm

after completing such a menial duty.

One of the biggest

problems that users of the Dell Inspiron 1000 Notebook will notice is the lack

of battery power, and the computers basic inability to fully charge when

plugged in, which usually gives the user a maximum battery time of twenty

minutes, which is plain dismal in todays world of advanced technology. Energy is one of the big factors to consider

when purchasing a laptop unit, and anyone concerned with that area of the 1000

should prepare for a rather large letdown.

The computer is only half the problem, as the battery packs that are

internally stored in the computers tend to give the consumer a large headache

as well. Many of the units were recalled

due to the batterys apparent ability to combust, a negative quality which has

caused many fires on an international level.

The batterys lack of real power, along with the combustibility factor,

is one of the biggest reasons that many people will go with another unit when

looking for a dependable laptop computer.

Finally, there is the

connectivity of the Dell Inspiron 1000.

For the most part, the computer does seem to function quite well on the

internet, and has the ability to hookup to many of the high speed services

available, without the need of even purchasing a network card, which can easily

fit into the computers accessible port.

The only problem can be the failure of the Ethernet port, which then

institutes reparation of the problem, or a need to install a network card, both

of which can be irritating and costly processes. The computer also has the ability to connect

with USB ports, which is a very vital need in the present time, especially since

the floppy disc is no longer viable, and the USB ports seem to be the most

popular way of transporting information.

The Dell Inspiron 1000 is a decent computing unit, and should not be

thought of as the apex of the computing industry, but should be thought of as

an affordable unit that has the ability to function properly if all of the

necessary precautions are taken.

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