The Land Rover Defender has been sold in the United Statesh during the years 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1997. This vehicle has been respected throughout the world for its capabilities on the off road. Along that line, the ultra-rugged Land Rover Defender has earned its merit and worth in endurance motor sports events that include the famous Paris-Dakar rally. This vehicle had first the U.S. market scene in the fall of 1992 and was then introduced the next year. It featured soft- and hardtop versions. It then became an icon that had defined the Land Rover in the years to come.

Land Rover, the brand, is the leader as a four-wheel drive specialist, and the Land Rover Defender is the ultimate off roader. It has simplicity, yet has unequalled strength and renowned ability that makes it sure-footed and quite unstoppable. Be the road your treading be high altitude mountain trails, hot desert sands crossings, or deep wading through rivers, the Land Rover Defender has been able to handle these, thus getting its moniker as the world’s toughest 4X4. It is able to handle these along with towing, winching, carrying, and protecting.

This vehicle has a very powerful Td5 2.5 liter diesel engine that has been specifically tuned for off road expeditions and challenges. Also, the Land Rover Defender’s engine is controlled by the throttle mapping system that has the capability to allow different levels of accelerator travel that is quite dependent in the range of gearing selected. A robust dual range transfer box provides control of its engine torque. It gives drivers of the Defender a high and low ratio, along with ten forward and two reverse gears. With this, the choice of gearing thus allows this vehicle to have the power to go uphill or, otherwise, to have the safety during crawling at extreme angles over loose earth.

To preserve the Land Rover Defender’s amazing performance during off road travails, a one of a kind online store is available to provide owners with super durable parts with equally impressive performance just like the Defender’s status. By simply going to Land Rover Parts and Range Rover Parts customers can go through the website’s hassle-free online shopping for parts that will make the Land Rover Defender live up to its name.

A new model in replace of the Land Rover Defender has been in the planning stages for years. The design that it was last seen with is actually over twenty years of age, and in comparison to the Land Rovers of the 1950s, could be quite noticed that updates are only in the slightest of forms. With most of the vehicles nowadays, private or commercial, are modernized and thus offer a significant increase in levels of performance, comfort, and requirement, the Defender is again in competition with Japanese products. These products from Japan offer lesser off road abilities but provide promises of better comfort levels. Supposed to be due in the year 2007 is the Defender’s replacement, however, due to costs of building new Defenders using new methods has made this vehicle profitable once again so much so that its replacement has become a lesser priority.

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