The Daewoo automobile manufacturer lived from 1967 up until it was dismantled by the Korean government come 1999. The name Daewoo is a Korean word that means “Great House”. This company was founded by Kim Woo Choong, and also, this company became one of the Big Four conglomerates in South Korean. Aside from the usual cars and vehicles, the Daewoo Group also manufactured and produced consumer electronics, computers, telecommunications products, construction equipment, buildings, and musical instruments like the Daewoo Piano. Under the Daewoo Group, there were several major corporations that were sheltering under its big industrial and conglomerate umbrella: the Daewoo Electronics, Daewoo Heavy Industries, Daewoo Ship Building, Daewoo Securities, Daewoo Telecom, Daewoo Construction, and Daewoo International.

What affected Daewoo’s expansion and overall business was generally cut down to several factors which included the South Korea government’s intervention, the labor market, the company’s operations in a global economy, and the quality of products from Korea. Once all these affected the whole operations, the Daewoo Group then decided to cut off one its arms and thus sold Daewoo Motors, its automotive company, to General Motors in the United States. At present, the Daewoo cars that are under General Motors include the Leganza, Nubira, and Lanos, and these are sold in the United States. However, in other parts of the globe, especially in UK, other car models of Daewoo are also sold like the Matiz, Kalos, Lacetti, and the Tacuma.

Daewoo has sincerely made it a point to put its best foot forward in every bit and piece that is manufactured as part of the Daewoo vehicle clan. One of these unique and sturdy parts is the Daewoo wheel.

The Daewoo wheel is a circular object that works together with the vehicle’s axle. This kind of pairing up allows low friction in motion by rolling. These are commonly used in conjunction with an axle, and either the wheel turns on the axle or the wheel is rigidly attached to the axle. This then turns in bearings in the body of the Daewoo vehicle. All these could be scientifically explained: the normal force at the sliding interface is the same, the sliding distance is greatly reduced for a given distance of travel, and the coefficient of kinetic friction for the interface can be very much lower.

In Daewoo vehicles, Daewoo wheels are one of its most striking vehicles, and they have the power and capability to create and unmake its impression of a tough performance, luxury and comfort. Also, these wheels are more often than not used with not only performance and comfort in mind but also they are used to accessorize and provide an aesthetic function. To ensure safe and excellent driving and ride, Daewoo has guaranteed they their Daewoo wheels have the right dimensions and type and are made from quality and strong material.

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