The long anticipated production based on the Alice Walker’s award winning novel which later became an Academy Award nominated movie directed by Steven Spielberg opened at the Broadway Theater in December of 2005. The Color Purple play tickets have been selling out on a regular basis and this Broadway play seems to hit a chord with the hearts of audiences no matter which adaptation the writing assumes. The story of a family overcoming such conflicted and extreme adversity seems to have found a place on the stage of Broadway. The production team of
Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones seems to have been worth the wait.

The musical drama originally opened in Atlanta where it was met with harsh reviews and poor acclaim. Once Oprah Winfrey stepped in and did some public relations for the show it began to garner some steam and opened with much buzz on “The Great White Way.” The production was being billed in New York as “The New Musical” to distance itself from the Atlanta show and said to stay more true to the popular book and movie versions.

The Story Of The Color Purple

The story is one which simply has to touch or reach even the hardest or coldest of hearts. Focused on Celia, a somewhat shy reserved southern women who had suffered unthinkable abuse from her father and her inner strength, power to overcome and over all the healing power of the heart which turns the show into a celebration of life and understanding of the soul.

Marsha Norman is responsible for adapting the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Prize winning novel by Alice Walker for the stage. Stephen Spielbergs film version received 11 Academy Award nominations, including one for Oprah Winfrey for her acting of the character Sofia. Under the direction of Gary Griffin and choreographed by Donald Byrd this musical on Broadway has become a hit and shows have been extended.

The Color Purple Play Tickets

When purchasing The Color Purple Play tickets or tickets for any popular Broadway show it is always best to plan in advance. Knowing the day the show will go on sale will allow you to purchase tickets from the box office direct and pay only face value. Talking to the box early should allow you the ability to get great seats for a date of your choice.

When purchasing The Color Purple tickets last minute for a popular night the chances are slim that you will get tickets for the date and seats you desire. If money does not become much of a factor, the best way to buy these Color Purple play tickets would be to use a ticket broker. These tickets can run around twenty-five percent higher then face value but are guaranteed to be legitimate and often are outstanding seating for even a show which sold out months in advance.

Other options for locating last minute Color Purple play tickets would be more risky. Using a scalper is always a poor choice, especially in a city as large as New York. Using the “Will Call” at the theater may prove a way to get a legitimate ticket, but you risk going to the event and no certainty you will go into the show. Using the Internet to locate tickets from auction sites or forums which other fans are part of may also get you tickets at face value with excellent seating.