Soft vinyl Tonneau covers can provide the same protection as heavier covers with less hassle. There are a wide variety of models to choose from. Vinyl Tonneau covers are extremely lightweight, allowing for easy installation and use. These covers are usually flush with the top of the bed, greatly reducing the trucks wind resistance. Vinyl covers can sell for much less than comparable aluminum or fiberglass models, often retailing for as little as $150.

Available in nearly all of the same styles as covers made of aluminum or other materials, Vinyl Tonneau covers can come in one piece, and are either supported and locked upright by metal bars, or rolled up and retracted. Other models come in hinged panels that can be folded. All of these styles provide the protection and security needed to keep cargo safe.

One major advantage of vinyl Tonneau covers is that they are very light. For easy installation, the frames snap often into place and so require no drilling. These covers are so lightweight that anyone can put them into place. They can be easily removed when they are not needed, an important feature for people who will use and remove the cover often. Constructed with high-grade vinyl, it is incorrect to assume that because they are so light, they must also be weak. Many models can support well over one hundred pounds of pressure. Vinyl Tonneau covers can provide the same level of protection as aluminum or fiberglass covers.

Vinyl Tonneau covers are installed flush with the top of the truck bed, which greatly reduces wind resistance. Gas mileage increases as wind resistance decreases, making this a significant feature. Reduced wind resistance will allow for faster travel and easier steering.

A great alternative to fiberglass or aluminum covers, Vinyl Tonneau covers are long lasting, provide excellent protection for cargo, and are easy to use.