The people’s car. This is what the Volkswagen literally means, and this vehicle has also been known as the VW. And Volkswagen is one of the world’s four largest car producers, with its manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Most people associate the brand, Volkswagen, or VW, with the Beetle, since it has been the vehicle that made the brand popular. And indeed, the Beetle was the company’s bestseller and most probably the most popular car that the world has known.

The original shape of the Beetle had long outlasted predictions of its lifespan. It has been regarded as something of a “cult” car being that during the flowery 1960s, it had become associated with the hippie movement. Other than that, it has powerfully maintained a very strong following through out the world. Clubs and organizations currently have been formed which bears concern regarding the Beetle, with their members being a diverse crowd of sorts. The Beetle also has had different looks associated with it that included the resto-look, Cal look, German look, resto-Cal look, buggies, Baja’s bug, old school, and rat look. Part of their cult status has been greatly attributed to being one of the few vehicles with an air-cooled engine design and the consequent ease of repair and modification, as compared to the more conventional and technically complex water-cooled engine design.

The Volkswagen Beetle has become so popular. It has been Volkswagen’s baby that has been manufactured and sold for the longest time. Looking back at its history, Volkswagen could trace its foundation and roots to the Beetle. This vehicle has been designed by Ferdinand Porsche as per Hitler’s desire that every German household has to own at least a car. At that time, it was called the KdF-Wagen, and the company had bore the name KdF-Stadt. The Beetle’s production was cut short because of war. However, after the war, the company, Volkswagen, had grappled due to losses and damages done to the factory. Come the year 1948, the company was able to claim its status in the automobile industry – with the very same car designed by Porsche.

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New Beetles, the latest and contemporary counterpart of the Beetle, is related to the original only in name and appearance. However, if you look more closely, under the hood, it is a modern car in every possible way, and has been based on the Volkswagen A platform. It has also been awarded best safety ratings in its class at the time of its launch by the Insurance Institute for Highway and Safety.

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