The a-b-cs of Choosing a VoIP Service

Generally it is easy. That is if you know what you want and do not want. But if you are still somehow in a haze, the following are basic steps to choose the VoIP service that is right for your needs and your budget.

Know thyself

Believe it or not, the best way to find something is to look within. This is not an estoreic or new age mumbo-jumbo, it is a practical and convenient way to discover what you want the world to bring you: the best VoIP service available.

Begin by asking yourself, “Why VoIP?” What do you want in a VoIP that a conventional telephone service line would not be able to provide. Is it because of the savings a VoIP could give you? Or do you want the advanced features that only VoIP offers? Or maybe because you are sick and tired of your phone company?

Whatever your reason may be, make sure that the benefits you will be provided with by a VoIP provider is a lot better than what you have now. No sense marrying down when you can marry up.

A good example might be replacing your old phone number with a new VoIP number. Since the latter is cheaper, decide which you can live with and without. A few dollars worth of savings or your old number? Relax though, there are those VoIP providers that allow you to let your number be the same. But if you are having difficulty parting with your number, make sure you have another means to communicate. A cell phone perhaps?

Know the consequences of your act

Since VoIP relies on the internet to get things going for it, you must also be well aware that once your internet connection goes down, so will VoIP. Decide if you could live with this consequence.

Also, though there are VoIP providers that also offer an emergency 911 service, VoIP 911 service calls are not as reliable or as robust as conventional telephone lines. During an emergency, you may have to give out your address and name to the dispatcher who takes in your call.

Know your VoIP provider

VoIP providers are expected to offer the best and only the best VoIP service for its customers. So the usual high quality sound is expected and is a must. Besides the usual standard VoIP features that are also available in a conventional telephone line (such as three way calling, call waiting, etc.), advanced features are also offered at your easy beck and call. One of which is an almost limitless option on how to answer a call that has been received.

Another matter to consider when availing a VoIP service is the rates. As much as possible, call rates must be competitive, for calls made or received locally or internationally.

Also, is there a money-back guarantee? If there is none, drop that provider and go look for another one. You deserve only the best so do not settle for anything else.

So what should it be? You know what you want so go for it. Make sure to research, read-up, ask around, and compare what is best and what is not.
But ultimately, the decision rests on you. In the end, you will reap the fruits of your choice via clear audio and video streams and less headaches.