This article will touch on a 6 step affiliate marketing system that can be applied by anybody especially the newbie. Although it is simple, but if you are willing to follow this simple system and take action, you will be able to get a lot of experience of how to do affiliate marketing. It is the best way to get your feet wet first and to earn some commissions at the same time. The 6 simple steps are:

1. Find profitable affiliate products. You will have to find products that people will be willing to pay money for.

2. Get your unique affiliate link. You will have to register for the affiliate programs and get your own affiliate link.

3. Cloak your affiliate link. You will be cloaking it so that there will be no commissions loss or theft.

4. Generate affiliate keyword list. What you will do here is that you will find a list of keywords that is related to your niche.

5. Write 5 affiliate articles. You will write 5 different articles that is keyword rich and it must be related to the niche that you are promoting for.

6. The last step is to submit the articles at the same time to the major article directories.

These are the 6 steps affiliate marketing business system that you can use to kick start your affiliate marketing business. If you want to earn even more commissions, what you can do is to write and submit 5 articles per week. It is very doable it is only one article per day. So take action today and wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing business success.