Term life insurance is defined as insurance coverage that covers in increments of time, known as terms, such as one year, five years or ten years. The policy holder pays premiums during this time, but they are likely to increase as the term continues. At the end of each term, the policy is available to be renewed, but as the policy holder has aged, the rate is likely to be higher. While this is true, term life insurance is still considered one of the life insurance options.

What are the other life insurance options? There are four main categories of life insurance: term life, whole life, universal life and variable life. Whole life insurance covers your whole life span, as opposed to just a term. The premiums remain the same constant rate. Universal life and variable life provide methods of investment, such as stocks, bonds and mortgages.

So why is life insurance important anyway? The first thing to tell yourself when you begin searching for life insurance is that it is not about you, it is about your family and loved ones. The monthly payment that you make on your life insurance will fulfill several different monetary needs for your family.

The first of these monetary needs is funeral arrangements. Funerals are expensive, regardless of whether you are buried or cremated. This expense can be a huge blow to an already grieving family. These monetary expenses are extrapolated to an even greater extent if you are a homeowner. Life insurance, term life insurance included, can be used to pay for both funeral expenses as well as any debts, including mortgages that you may owe.

The best way to get the most information on different types of insurance is by working with an insurance agent. Choose carefully. Start by compiling a list of referrals given to you by family and friends. Don’t be afraid to interview and ask serious questions. Regardless of who you choose, remember that life insurance, whether it is term life insurance or another variety, is imperative, especially if you own a home and/or have a family.

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