Men’s health problems have revolutionized the thinking of medical fraternity. Increasing amounts of funds and energy are being devoted to simplify men’s sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has for long kept the doctors on their toes regarding its treatment. Commonly known as impotence, ED has captured the imagination of millions of patients and their partners.

This uncertainty about ED was largely attributed to the painful surgeries and therapies that were required to treat ED. For starters, ED is a medical condition wherein the male sexual organ refuses to achieve and maintain erection sufficient enough for a pleasurable sexual experience. Resultantly, millions of disgruntled patients flock the clinics to get the dreaded painful treatment.

Viagra changed all that. Till 1996, there was no approved oral drug available in the market to treat ED. Pfizer Inc. took it as a challenge and in 1996, patented Viagra (sildenafil citrate). In a couple of years, the efficacy of Viagra impressed the US FDA and it approved Viagra as the first oral prescription pill for the treatment of ED.

The world has not looked back ever since. Increased thrust in the treatment options for ED meant another approved drug in the market in just another 5 years. In 2003, Bayer Corporation of Germany and Glaxo Smith Kline joined hands and introduced Levitra (vardenafil HCl) to the world. The FDA approved Levitra as the second approved oral pill for the treatment of ED. For more information about Levitra and Erectile Dysfunction please visit:

The world reacted with ecstasy. In no time, the sales graph for Levitra online rose to new heights. Levitra got rousing reception from the ‘ED club’ largely because of its improved efficacy. It was observed in clinical trials that a small amount of Levitra worked wonders in some of the ED patients within 15 minutes. What more? Levitra worked similarly to Viagra, i.e., the blood supply to the penile area is enhanced thereby causing the erection. Levitra remains in the blood for long enough to sustain longer blissful hours.

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