If you want to earn income legitimate income online, it is best to think of blogging and put google adsense or affiliate links to your page. But how can you do it if you dont know how to start blogging step by step. In my recent post, you can start blogging within 5 to 10 minutes. I recommend blogger.com for your blogging adsense. Fill up forms and follow step by step instructions to register at blogger.com when you sign up.

When you had set up your blog and made some posts, you will probably thin of how to install adsense to your blog to monetize it. You need to register first to google adsense for your ID. You cant get an adsense ads code if you dont have an ID yet. Type google.com/adsense to your internet browser to get you started monetizing your blog.

In the google adsense page:

Register your account. Be sure to input all correct information about you. You will be made to confirm your email address if you successfully filled up the form. Upon confirming your email address, you may login to your adsense account to get your adsense ID and customizing the look of the code. Get the google adsense ID for content, the one with ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxx. Then, you need to configure your adsense code to complement with the look of your website.

For blogger of google’s blogger.com, on your new blog dashboard, click the layout and click the add page element and choose google adsense. Follow instructions to put your adsense code and customize your code inside your new blogger for adsense. Dont forget to save if you are done customizing your ads. It is that easy.

After you have installed adsense, now is the time to promote your blog.

It is worthwhile to submit to article directories or participate in forums. By submitting articles to directories, your links can be created by creating your signature as author in the authors resourse box. I find this very effective to create traffic and for google page ranking.

Here are some directories to submit to start your campaign:






Submit articles related to your blog or if you still dont have one in your mind yet, you can submit articles from your blog. After copying and pasting your article, create your author bio to build your links from your articles pointing to your site. You must submit articles on a regular basis so that readers and potential traffic wont get away. In forums, register and participate in any topic that interest you but create first your signature on your user control panel so that when you post, your links will show in your signature. Try to create eye catching signature to entice the reader and this may make them click your links going to your blog. This will take some months before you see the good results of your hard work. Dont give up learn more and persevere because you may not know that the time you give up is the time your hard work is getting money.