During pregnancy a womans body suffers many changes. From the conception to birth her body undertakes the processes of fertilization, implantation and growth of the baby or sometimes even babies. The child is growing in her body getting to develop in there for the next nine months after the conception. These 40 weeks of pregnancy may lead to new physical sensations for each woman. It is known that each woman body reacts different to each individual pregnancy whether it is the first, the second, third or more pregnancy.

The first trimester of pregnancy that it is considered to be the first 12 weeks leads to a womans body changes. These changes consist of providing a nurturing and protective environment for the baby to grow and develop. Depending on each case these changes can be subtle or can be pretty obvious. Many women do not realize they are pregnant until their menstrual period gets a few weeks overdue. Some of the women just know they are pregnant before missing a period because they feel strange and suspect something is different or in change.

Sometimes the first signs of pregnancy make a woman feel confused. This thing is realized because of the first symptoms in pregnancy that are similar to the pre-menstrual symptoms such as swollen breasts, feeling tired or possible cramping or pelvic discomfort.

There are known cases of women that will not have periods until their baby is partially or fully weaned of the breast, perhaps 6 to 12 months and sometimes even more. Even so it is possible for a woman to be fertile in about 8 weeks after giving birth. So breastfeeding, as a form of contraception tends to be reliable for about 30 % of the women, especially after the child is 3 to 4 months old. A subsequent baby could mean for a mother a very exhausting period and more then that a greater sensitivity for the nipples, especially when the child lathes and suckles at the breasts. These women are also prone to feel nauseated or sick especially in the mornings. Their milk begins to taste more salted then before which may cause a refusal of breastfeeding from the child.

It is a normal fact for women to ask questions about pregnancy. They usually feel unsecure and wonder what is normal during pregnancy. They concern about their health even if they experience the typical pregnancy problems or not. In some cases women do not realize that they are pregnant before a pregnancy test because the changes night not be always so obvious.