The Walkman series of phones by Sony Ericsson have already established themselves in the market as the best music phones ever. The Sony Ericsson W800i is one of the foremost handset in this elite league that set the platform for its successors. The sleek design, powerful camera and of course the mind-blowing music features are just too good to resist.

The music features are many and all of them are simply superb. Beginning with the dedicated multimedia keys take you to the music player after one push and again one push is all you need to download your favourite songs from the web using the PlayNow application. MegaBass, MusicDJ are few other support feature of the innovative music player that enhances sound quality of your favourite tracks and put them in the category of heavenly.

The stereophonic sounds of the integrated speakers are amazing but they will not interrupt the basic purpose of a mobile phone, i.e. communication. The music will automatically stop as soon as you will get a call. The display of the handset is pretty nice at 176×220 pixels but with the resolution of 2 Megapixels the camera is powerful t say the least! The camera is accompanied by a photo light and 4x digital zoom and the user can also edit the pictures clicked using the W800i. The facility to capture videos is always taken as granted.

The internal memory of the handset is 34 MB but the handset comes bundled with a 512MB memory stick that provides a major boost to the data storage. It also means that now you can store a lot many songs in your walkman phone. But if you think that you will require a bigger memory reservoir to pool in your entire music collection then dont fret as the memory is expandable upto a humongous 1GB. The music player supports MP3, AAC and other popular formats of music files that tell you a lot about its versatility. The Sony Ericsson W800i is an exceptional handset that integrates everything that one can expect from their mobile phone. Have a dekko and you are sure to get awestruck by the sheer technical, and to an extent aesthetical, brilliance of it.