What you don’t know about cover models is that there are people ‘directing’ them. Essentially influencing their behavior directly.

They have more power than those women in that relationship and guess where you stand?

They’re producing a stimulus for you to ‘respond’ to. You just don’t see that relationship nor what’s behind the scenes.

You get all excited and fantasize about it because there really is value there but you’re in the wrong relationship to it to actually be effective in real life.

If you study my materials you’ll know what I’m saying.

Any act of flaunting, teasing or sexploitation is socially rooted and putting you in the unnatural relationship to women or sex.

When you can understand that as clear as I can, you’ll be able to see through the female behavioral adaptation that’s right in front of you with the sexiest women you want the most. You’ll be able to be comfortable in your own skin and reality begins; not fantasy.

There are different kinds of value that we can look at from different angles and I’ll more about these in other areas but here they are;

Natural value &
Social value

When a woman has social value and is basically a ‘pricktease’ in her behavior, you want to have sex with her immediately (because you’ve been conditioned to).

That’s not the way it works though; that’s just the social fantasy.

She can have ‘any’ man who falls into the social relational dynamic where she is ‘queen’.

Any woman who has taken on any socially adaptive attribute, is just behaving out of her causal environmental influences. None of it is natural, nor is it her true sexuality (which is repressed and hidden).

It’s up to you to know this truth.

The women actually believe the social programming and then become congruent with it. That’s what is sad from my level of awareness.

If you play the social game like most of the seduction industry, then you have no choice but to work hard and ‘determine higher value’. You’re operating in the wrong relational dynamic to start with.

Instead if you accept your power and have a different type of relationship with society and it’s agenda, everything starts to open up and you will be attracting women instead of repelling them.

Society promotes all kinds of unnatural behavior for it’s own benefit. We have become ignorant to the truth of our own natural attributes. Our own grandparents could look upon what is happening in society with some differentiation of the truth.

The true beauty of (our) women is behaviorally covered up and repressed.

Natural lasts. Social fades. The pure natural relational dynamic means you’re not even thinking about sex. You’re basking in her energy instead and sex is an afterthought IF that. You’ve never experienced this yet except around ugly (non social status) women, yet all women
have this within them. It’s up to you to bring it out; that’s seduction.

The rest of the population is stuck in an ignorant conditioned response to sexploitation and are being programmed. The little power they have left is just in choosing what social programming identifies with them most to form some kind of identity off of.

We rarely have men of character because social influence has them in oppressive relationships daily. We have socially adaptive role models based off of whatever is popular or the new emerging trend.

Relationships are everything. Master your relationships and you will master your life beyond yourself.

If you want to understand and succeed with beautiful and socially valuable women, you’d best understand the relational dynamics involved and how to harness them to your advantage instead of being used against you.

When you are in the social relational dynamic with sexy women, you’re already losing massively because you’re at the bottom of the hierarchy (unless you’re a millionaire or movie star).

When you apply relational dynamics and are relationally independent from her social power, you can operate in the natural relational dynamic where you hold natural authority over her to get her to naturally respond.

You hold natural value then and the leveraged value that she has within her waiting to come out in the open with a man she can trust.

Judge these women on their natural character (and you become aware of it through my resources and training) and they won’t ever match up.

Desire a natural alpha woman more than you desire a pricktease and you’ll be getting somewhere with all women.

It’s a whole different ballgame then.