The previous episode of Smallville called “Tresspass” centers on Lana, again having a stalker, which leads her to an unexpected hideout, Clark’s house, and Chloe’s reassessment of her feelings for Clark after her break up with Jimmy.

Lana, played by Kristin Kreuk, is never out of trouble. Apart from being watched and followed by a sociopath, she is clandestinely attempting to explore the secret of Clark, played by Tom Welling, by looking at the tool Lex, played by Michael Rosenbaum, stabbed Clark with. Throughout the episode, Lana is stalked with no else to turn to since Lex is out of town, but is once again saved by Clark. Upon the return of Lex, he is irritated and upset over Lana’s seeking refuge at Clark’s house. Quite uncalled for, Lex goes to Clark and gives him an invitation to their wedding, which makes Clark envious.

This particular episode was invigorating yet it had some pitfalls since some plots are mismatched. But the best feature of this installment is that although the story lines do not take the viewers too far, the plot greatly develops different character relationships like that of Lana and Clark, Jimmy and Clark, Lex and Clark, and Jimmy and Chloe. In addition, it was a relief to see Lana getting closer to the truth about Clark. It also seems like Lana still cares deeply for Clark, and vice versa.

Overall, this episode of the action-adventure series Smallville is not so gratifying as compared to other episodes. It appears to be unoriginal and derivative, having generated a similar themed episode in the past. But still “Trespass” came out as satisfactory and acceptable to the viewers and spectators of the sci-fi show, garnering a rating of 8.5 on This episode of Smallville was written by Tracy A. Bellomo and directed by Rick Rosenthal.