Affiliate Marketing is all about Optimisation of resources. It is much more than merely ‘simply hired services.’ When you have a website and you want to generate revenues by selling the idle web space, you optimise on the space; on the traffic to your site and of course on the resources. It is like having the cake and eating it too. An affiliate (also called publisher) is rewarded for generating Web Businesses for a Merchant, per visitor/customer/sale/lead provided through him, which is not a tall order. It is clearly miles ahead of ‘simply hired services’ or paying for finding new clients. So, you become an Affiliate to realize your true potential without any trouble; because there are Affiliate Programs like us who get the things moving for you.

Anyone with a viable Website and business acumen is either mulling over becoming an Affiliate or is already one. In the arena of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Program and Affiliate Networks are the talk of the town. Reports suggest that the total sales affected through Affiliate Networks in 2006 was more than 2 billion pounds in UK alone! Allow yourself to be lured by the size of the commission involved and join the Affiliate Marketing bandwagon, sooner than later. Your website and the traffic it attracts can maximise your ROI like never before. It makes your website more meaningful and value-loaded for the Online Marketing Business. An Affiliate Marketing Network is a boon to your business in that the Mohammad (Affiliate) will not go to the mountain (Merchant) and neither the mountain will go to Mohammad! Only both have to come to ePurple Media. It’s as simple as that!

There are many Affiliate Marketing Programs being offered. Then why join ePurple Media? Well, in the first place, your business is essential to our own joy. Sometimes, the chief want in life and business is somebody who can make us do what we can! We are a comprehensive Online Marketing Agency with tremendous expertise in Online Marketing, among other things. We provide everything needed for a successful Affiliate Program – providing the monetary angle to your website, report and track real time, manage your account, pay you well and on time etc. We have a proven track record, a dedicated team of professionals and above all, we believe that if a business is worth doing; it is worth doing well. So, sky is the limit with us! Hurry, there are hundreds of merchants in the cyberspace waiting for you! Opportunity is knocking; don’t complain of noise!