Simplx is arguably the most misleading dropship companies on the internet, because it is not a dropship company at all. They are misleading in the way that they describe themselves, they are extremely expensive, and there are no refunds. There are plenty of unhappy customers that have bought Simplx and felt misled, and the company should be avoided.

To gain full access to Simplx, it costs… are you ready?… $3,500. That’s three THOUSAND five HUNDRED dollars. With that amount of money, you could join many of the dropship companies that we actually recommend and have about three thousand dollars left over! Please believe us when we say that the high cost does NOT equal high quality when it comes to Simplx. They also offer a less expensive monthly program, but it is for a different company with less features called ClubDropship. Simplx gives this explanation on their website: ClubDropship includes limited access to our merchant supplier network and an introductory mentoring session for around $100 and $35 per month.

Simplx even charges users $20 just to hear the explanation of how their system works! The president of the company makes the analogy that this is the same as colleges charging an application fee.

Simplx claims to be a dropshipper, when in reality, they are affiliate middlemen. Instead of allowing you to sell the products as a dropshipper, they give you permission to sell their products, and they then give you a commission. Therefore, you are not dropshipping at all. Many people sign up hoping to have dropship access, but are disappointed by the fact that they receive commissions instead. In this way, you do not have the freedom that a dropship business provides. Instead, working for commissions is like working for a company. Therefore, if Simplx is providing a service that allows their users to work for them, why not make the service free? Instead, they charge thousands of dollars.

Any internet search will bring up a host of negative reports on Simplx. There is a plethora of information from individuals who claim to have been scammed by Simplx. We even found a forum chocked full of testimonials from people who used Simplx. A representative of Simplx joined the forum and tried to make a rebuttal, but she was chewed up by the upset members. Those who feel misled by the company have strong words against potential customers.

We recommend that you explore other options if you are interesting in dropshipping. Simplx is not the answer, as they are not a dropshipper at all. However, there are plenty of opportunities online, and there are a host of good, quality dropshippers that can provide the wholesale prices and services that you need in order to make money dropshipping.

When looking for dropshippers, be sure to compare prices, test the customer service, look for testimonials, and sign up for free trials if they are available. Do not fall for the schemes of sneaky companies. Being ripped off is never fun, but there are plenty of opportunities to excel in the dropshipping arena. Even if you have been ripped off by a company before, take heart in the fact that there are legitimate companies out there if you know where to look.