Choosing wedding favors can be the one part of the wedding planning that is easy and stress free. Even though it is simple to choose wedding favors, it is best not to leave shopping for them to the last minute. When you realize that the wedding day is fast approaching and the wedding favors have not been purchased, it is then that a simple task will add on to the already stressful time. Avoid this at all cost. In this article you will find several simple ideas that will help make shopping for wedding favors fun and easy.

One of the easiest wedding favor options is the use of flowers. The only thing that needs to be calculated is the number of guests you will have at the wedding and there is really no preparation time needed. You do not have to order your flowers too far in advance. You might consider giving your guests a single red rose as a favor.This is extremely fitting because a rose is a represents love. It is also very easy because it does not have to be wrapped. Have the roses delivered to the location for the celebration. Once the tables have been set for the wedding, request a staff member, a friend or family member to place a single rose across the place setting for each guest. You can also choose your favorite flower or a flower that is part of your centerpiece. You can request your florist to place your chosen flower at each place setting.

Another creative idea for a wedding favor is using candy. Small boxes, tins and baskets are some of the more traditional ways of using candy as wedding favors. But a unique idea and one that will help with reducing cost for centerpieces is to place a large bowl filled with candy in the middle of each table. Notes can be used to encourage the guests to enjoy the candy and bags can be provided to allow guests to take additional candy home. Here again is a favor that does not need wrapping and the candy centerpiece can be as simple or elaborate as you desire.

Using picture frames as place card holders is another easy wedding favor idea. Many people use picture frames as wedding favors but they spend so much time wrapping each frame individually to ensure that they look perfect for their guests. But this is only one of the ways that picture frames can be used as wedding favors. It may not be the best use of time especially at a time when every moment is precious and any additional work can add to the stress. But if the place cards are placed in individual picture frames, they are not only a great gift; they are very useful and appropriate.

One final thought for a very easy wedding favor is to give each guest a digital photo of themselves at the wedding. You can accomplish this by hiring a photographer to take a picture of each couple as they arrive at the wedding reception. With the use of a high speed printer the photographer should be able to provide prints to the guests soon after their arrival. Before your guests leave the reception they will have their photos. This is a great idea for a wedding favor because your guests will likely be dressed up and will appreciate the chance to pose for a professional photo. It may be possible for the photographer to make a quick slide show of all the photos which could be viewed once all the pictures have been taken. This way the guests not only get a personal souvenir of the wedding but they also get the opportunity to see how the photos turned out for all of the other guests as well.