Filipinos abroad can now share their sympathy with family and friends back in the Philippines when a loved one passes on. Online Philippine flower shops have made wide selections of Philippine flower sympathy wreaths available, as Philippine flowers are one of the best ways to express one’s condolences.

In the Philippines, it has never been easy to express one’s sympathy when a loved one passes on. For many Filipinos, grief has always been difficult but easier to bear with the gift of sympathy wreaths expressing one’s condolences. A sympathy wreath featuring beautiful Philippine flowers is still a classic way to condole with a family that has lost a member.

For Filipinos abroad, the sending of Philippine flower sympathy wreaths has become easier, thanks in great part to online flower shops that have made ordering and delivering Philippine flowers significantly faster and safer. Online flower shops in the Philippines like Express Regalo (, for instance, offer a wide range of Philippine flower sympathy wreaths for Filipinos based overseas to select from and send with a few clicks of a mouse. Each wreath on Express Regalo may be delivered anywhere within Metro Manila, and come with a six-foot wooden stand to showcase each Philippine flower.

The Philippine flower known as anthurium is a classic choice to express one’s condolences. The Philippine flower sympathy wreath known as Love, for instance, is a popular choice with many bereaved families, thanks to its unusual but beautiful combination of colors: Philippine flower Sofia (dark orange), Ginia (peach), and Saria (Dark Pink) anthuriums are arranged around a classic green sympathy wreath, and arranged with ribbons; the Remember sympathy wreath takes the same Philippine flowers but arranges it in a different way. The Peace sympathy wreath, meanwhile, features Philippine flowers like Ginia and Presidente (pink and green) anthuriums, lovingly designed to express one’s bereavement.

The Serenity sympathy wreath, which showcases Sofia and Bea (light pink) anthuriums, is a feminine Philippine flower arrangement popular for family members gone too soon. The Tranquility sympathy wreath, on the other hand, combines Philippine flowers in Tropical (deep red), Ginia, and Bea, to create a sympathy wreath that expresses one’s love and devotion.

Families that may not necessarily appreciate anthuriums may also be consoled with the sending of Philippine flower sympathy wreaths that showcase Philippine roses. The Harmony wreaths, for instance, are delicate and classic wreaths that features pure white roses and personalized ring accents in pink, yellow, or white, and further embellished with white ribbon. The Memories wreaths, on the other hand, is an absolutely love collection of Philippine flowers, mostly white roses accentuated with a spray of roses in your own choice of color, including red and yellow.