There is nothing as stressful and intimidating as having to meet the parents of your girlfriend for the first time. But, if you know how to handle this, you will see that can be a real interesting experience.

It comes a day in your life when you figure out that your relationship with your girlfriend is getting serious and she has to take you to meet her parents and family. This is a big step in your relationship and it is very important to make a good impression from the beginning, if you want that they agree to meet their girl anymore.

There are several occasions in which you can meet her parents, such as a holiday or birthday, picking her up for a date, or just a dinner in family prepared special for the meeting. No matter in which circumstances you meet, for impressing her parents you must be prepared.

First of all, dress to impress. You must be presentable at your meeting, that’s why the best to wear is probably a suit. Your performance will be judged by the first impression you make in their eyes.

Before the big meeting make sure to find out from your girlfriend all the details about her family, so you will know what to talk with them. Ask where her parents work, about their personality if they are very serious or they have sense of humor, and if they like funny people or much reserved, to know how to act with them. It is important to know some details, to not refer to her grandparents if you don’t know if they are still alive.

Also asking questions about her family will show her that you really care, that you are interested, and ready to do all the sacrifices that are necessary to make their parents like you. Remember that in the first meeting you must make sure that they observe your good manners, to prove her parents that you deserve to be with their daughter.

If the meeting takes place at their home, dont forget to bring a gift, such as flowers, a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine to show that you are polite. Be confident, give her father a firm handshake, and as a sign of respect call him Sir.

You have to make a good conversation, but also be prepared for many questions towards your family. Don’t panic, relax and look in them eyes and answer as nicely as you can. Be prepared to answer at the question about what do you want to do in the future. Speak about your job, family, sports, but don’t bring any discussion about money, politics or personal questions. Asking questions about their family will show your interest about them, as far as your aim is to get along with both partners, to get on their good sides.

Keep a smiled face to show you are friendly; be personable, polite and respectful. Flatters her mother’s look or clothing and compliment her cooking by finishing your plate. You may offer your help to clean up the dishes; this will certainly impress her mother.

Be yourself, to see from the beginning how you are, and don’t show too much affection towards your girlfriend in their presence, one kiss is enough, to not think her parents that you are over reacting.

Before you leave tell her parents that it was a pleasure meeting them and they have a very special daughter.

You will see that it will be harder with her father which wouldnt accept easy that now it is another man in his daughter life except him, but if you conquered her mother you will see that she will be the one which will invite you for dinner and will defend you in front of her husband if she really likes you.

So, meeting her parents can’t be so bad, and if you really success with this meeting it will base a great friendship between you, which will have a big positive effect on your relationship.