Search engines come in all shapes and sizes. There are specialty search engines for things like porn, lyrics, videos, images and more. There are country and language specific search engines. Looking for a job? There’s one of them too.

As an internet marketer, your main job is to figure out how to get rankings in the major search engines. These are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, and Dogpile. But the big dog is Google, who has over 50% of the entire search market.

It is a no brainer to focus your attention on Google. You will end up with good rankings on all of the engines for some terms if you optimize correctly for Google anyway.

There are also a lot of Pay Per Click search engines you can advertise on, but if your site doesn’t produce big numbers for CTR and affiliate conversion they are a losing proposition. Especially if your site is brand new.

Building a good rank in the search engines requires one thing that most internet marketers don’t seem to think they have. Time. The longer the site has been up, the higher it’s rankings will get. Up to a point at least.

You can’t expect to put up a brand new site, submit it to all the search engines, and get flooded with traffic the next week. It takes up to several weeks before the spiders will even visit your site.

Writing articles is a good way to speed up the process because it allows the search engine spider to find you from the link on the article. Almost all of the search engines frequent the article sites.

You hear a lot about Googles Page Rank and algorithm. I have found it to be a hugh waste of time trying to figure out that stuff. But I have many top rankings in spite of that, and for the most relevant terms.

The algorythm is constantly changing and improving so it can never be figured out. The best anyone can hope for is to figure out what it was in the past. As for page rank, nobody can figure that out for sure either. The best you can do is follow the advice of someone who doesn’t know for sure themselves.

When it comes to search engines and search engine optimization, you are best to focus on the basics and provide a fair amount of good relevant content on each page. You cannot trick the engines long enough to do yourself any good.

If you work on the basics and give it some thought, you might come up with your own secrets.