There are many types of scooters and hence they require different add-ons and accessories. The parts and accessories are modified from time to time depending on the upgrades of scooters. The add-ons add to the comfort and style of the vehicle. For Example a sea scooter is a wave rider, which is used for water sports. These scooters are specially designed to ride on the waves and their accessories must comply with all the safety standards so as to avoid accidents. In the same way medical scooters for the disabled have to be designed in such a way so as to give complete safety and comfort to the patients. Hence the accessories depend on the type of the scooter.

Here are some of the basic add-ons, which can be used almost on all the scooters.

Rear or front basket: This basket is usually there in all the scooters so that you can keep your stuff inside the basket if you wish so. This is one of the very essential accessories in a scooter.

Cup Holder: Cup holders are there in the scooters to hold your cups, cans and water bottles. This is very important for medical scooters like wheel chairs and even scooters that are designed for the children.

Saddlebag: Saddlebag is another attachment that helps you to keep your money, important papers, credit cards etc.

Rear View Mirror: If you are riding any vehicle a rear view mirror is very important so that you can see the other vehicles that are coming from behind. This is very important for your safety so as to avoid accidents.

Safety flag: This is very important for medical wheelchairs and scooters designed for children. This helps the other riders to be careful while riding.

Safety Belts: All the riders must put on their safety belts before riding. This is one of the most important safety measures that have to be followed by each and every rider.

Weather Breaker: A weather Breaker protects you from the sun and rain.

Scooter Dust Cover: To protect the scooter from dust and damage it is always advisable to put on the scooter dust cover when the scooter is not in use.

Mobile Charger: A plug- in socket can be improvised in a scooter to charge your mobile battery, which is very useful at times when you are going for long drives, or in emergency.

Back Rest and Arm Rest: The scooter seats have a backrest to ease your back. It also has an armrest, which allows the riders to travel with ease and comfort during longer trips.

Some of the above accessories improve the lifestyle and comfort of the riders. These add-ons provide complete satisfaction to the customers.