If God believed in the immortality of human beings, we would not have to worry about old age. A time to relax and take life, one day at a time. A time to spend quality time with one’s life partner and to believe in undying love. For most men above 65, life is not all a game of checkers surrounded by the love and laughter of friends.

Although most men say that they fall in love with their wives after retirement. Most wives would rather not say anything about either their husbands or love. The reason is not hard to seek – most of the men either have a low sex drive in old age or suffer from impotence.

The term impotence generally refers to the inability to have an erection. It can be roughly divided into two types

– Erectile Dysfunction – occurs due to poor blood flow to the penis. 90% of men with impotence have this problem.
– Psychological impotence – this include impotence due to depression, high stress levels and psychiatric problems. It includes premature ejaculation. Occurs in 10% of men.

Most men have erectile dysfunction. It is defined as the inability to ensure or sustain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It occurs in almost 190 million men all over the world . Most men are just too embarrassed or fatalistic to discuss this condition with their personal physician. That is unfortunate as these men are probably not aware that erectile dysfunction can be treated. Though men today are becoming more and more aware either through the media or word of mouth that erectile dysfunction does not mean the end of healthy sexual life, there are still many misconceptions on the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Before 1998, most men with erectile dysfunction were treated with painful penile injections or penile pumps or implants. This created the myth that all erectile dysfunction treatment is painful. Most men were even under the impression that these drugs really are just placebo and don’t really work. From this myth was born that the treatment of erectile dysfunction was not really efficacious. Also the high cost of treatment created the false impression that all erectile dysfunction treatment is costly.

All this changed in 1998, when Pfizer launched Viagra, the first oral tablet to treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra contains sildenafil citrate a very potent drug that belong to a unique class of drugs called phosphodiasterase- 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. These drugs inhibit the enzyme phosphodiasterase-5 which is responsible for the degradation of another enzyme cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP is responsible for the production of a very potent vasodilator called nitric oxide, which then causes a dilatation of the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis and thus there is an increased flow of blood to the penis. Due to hydraulic pressure there is an erection. As long as cGMP levels are high the erection is sustained. Viagra works very fast – as quick as 15 minutes and lasts for 4 hours.

For those men who want a drug that lasts longer, Lilly-ICOS launched Cialis, which contains Tadalafil, also from the same class of PDE-5 inhibitors, but only much more potent. The amazing thing about Cialis is that it lasts for a whopping 36 hours. Which means that any man who takes the drug can not only get rid of erectile dysfunction, but also have satisfactory sexual intercourse many more times. No wonder the pleasure loving French love it and call it “Le Weekend Pill”. One couple that has benefited from Cialis is Brian and Sara.

They love to relax and chill out at weekends. They are not married as yet, but have been dating for the last 3 years. But they are not very young. Brian is 48 years old, while Sara is 36 years old. Both simply postponed marriage as they wanted to concentrate on their careers. They met 5 years ago at a sexual health clinic where they had come for treatment. Brian had come for his first doctor consultation for “Erectile Dysfunction”, while Sara had come to consult her gynaecologist for problems with her contraceptive pill Yasmin, which was causing excessive bleeding. After introducing themselves and chatting for some time, they just took each other’s mobile numbers and never thought they would meet again or ven talk to each other again. To their surprise, on the next visit to the doctor they found themselves scheduled at the same time. That was when Brian told Sara that he had successfully treated his problem of erectile dysfunction with an amazing drug called Cialis. Sara on the other hand told him about the fact that she had ironed out her bleeding problems with the contraceptive pill Yasmin. They decide to meet after consulting their doctors. That was just the beginning of a long romance which plenty of good satisfactory sex. Sara was delighted with the strong hard erection that Brain had and the long satisfying sex she had with him. As their relationship matured and they grew older they felt the need to have children. But after many years of being on the contraceptive pill, Sara was not able to get pregnant. That is when she was asked by her doctor to take Clomid, a medication that contains Clomiphene Citrate that will ensure that she gets pregnant. With Cialis helping Brian on one end and Clomid helping Sara on the other end not only did she get pregnant, but they also had twins.

Clomid and Cialis for that matter have changed many lives like Brian and Sara. For Brian treatment of his erectile dysfunction with Cialis had a silver lining – It was very cheap. How did he do that? The answer is generic Cialis. Through an online site, he was able to get generic Cialis at a fraction of the cost of the actual Cialis but with the same efficacy .
According to Brian “Even other generic erectile dysfunction drugs are available such as generic Viagra at a very economical price.”

Drugs such as Generic Viagraand Generic Cialis can change your life just as they have done for Brian at very low cost. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and are reading this do not wait go online and get them now.

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