When I was busy, I would never think of anything negative. But when I was not busy, I would start to think of all kinds of things especially those things that caused worry and anxiety. Then I would become worried and depressed.

Does this sound familiar to you?

As usual, I am curious to know why. After some research and meditation, this is what I have found out based on my interpretation.

Like it or not, it is the nature of the mind to be always busy with thoughts. The mind is always thinking of a lot of things every second. The mind never stops to rest. The mind is always running around very fast thinking of this and that.

When I was busy with reading a book, what actually happened is that I kept my mind busy with the thought of reading the book. Thus, my mind is not free to wander around. That is why I did not think of any other things except the task on hand.

When I was free, I did not kept my mind busy with any particular thought. As a result, my mind became free to choose what I like to think about. If my mind thought of something worrying, then I would become worried. If my mind thought of something depressing, then I would become depressed. Because my mind is very fast in nature and free to roam around, I will end up thinking of a lot of things.

This is a waste of mental energy because I have allowed my mind to dwell in negative thoughts. To avoid this trap of wasting mental energy, I should always keep my mind busy with something that is not negative in nature.

For examples, if I am traveling in a bus, I can simply count 1 after each breath. I can count from 1 to 10 and keep on repeating. In this way, I will be too busy counting that I do not think of negative things. If I am waiting for someone, I can simply occupy myself by counting my fingers.

It does not matter that my focus is on something trivial. As long as I can prevent myself from thinking of negative thoughts, it is worth doing it. In this way, I save myself the trouble of becoming mentally disturbed due to negative thoughts.

The idea that I will like to share with you:

Save mental energy by focusing on something that is not negative in nature.


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