The dangers of working in high places should be apparent immediately in any industrial application – and in domestic situations as well – but each year dozens of people die in falls from heights while on the job, with even more injured; these statistics grow when home accidents are factored in.

In order to prevent these deaths, it is critical that every worker uses a certified fall arrest system while working at any height over six feet. Remember that sometimes it is not the height of the fall that causes the injury, but the way in which the victim lands.

There are several types of roof fall arrest systems designed to halt a persons drop either immediately or before hitting the ground. In many cases, workers claim that the more secure the system, the more it may impede their work. This is just a part of the safety procedure, however, and needs to be managed in order to ensure a safe return home at the end of the day.

Personal arrest systems provide the greatest security, and the greatest feeling of security, of all of the systems available (there are also protection systems, rails, and tie offs, among others). All of the danger areas are considered in a personal arrest system A harness is fitted to the individual, adjusted according to height and girth. These harnesses often have several contact points so that the strain of the arrest will not do additional injury to the body. An anchorage connector guarantees a secure base. Finally, a shock absorbing lanyard is included, to further minimize the impact and bodily strain in the event of an arrested fall.

Of course, any safety system is only useful insofar as it is used properly. Care must be taken not only in purchasing the right kind of fall arrest system, but also in ensuring that workers know how to properly use the device. Many workers are best protected using several different arrest systems in tandem (i.e. a personal arrest system, a roof fall arrest system, and railings when possible).

Finally, consider that most injuries occur on the job site not during the normal course of a day, but around break times or quitting time. Workers are prone to get careless when in a hurry or when they are familiar with the job; one of the best roof fall arrest systems that can be used is personal judgment. Never take shortcuts with the job or the equipment when working in high places, no matter how simple the task may seem.