All Rollback Rx system restore software users will attest to the fact that it is just like a magic wand that can take care of any pc problem however complicated. PC restore allows you to rollback your system to a previous point in time, in case you encounter a problem. PC problems are nothing new. And they come without any warning. If you regularly surf the Internet, there is no telling as to what spyware, adware or virus will get into your system without your knowledge and go around wrecking data. Then you realize too late that you have lost critical data that is near impossible to retrieve. Rollback Rx system restore software is a great disaster recovery solution that makes short work of problems like these. Because of the periodical system configuration snapshots, you have the flexibility to rollback your system and recover all the data you thought you lost. You can program Rollback Rx to take snapshots of your system at selected times. Also, every time you perform a rollback, Rollback Rx takes a snapshot by default. By making sure that this facility is enabled, pc restore is the easiest thing to do.

No Problem Is Too Big For Rollback Rx

A Trojan, a worm or a web bug could infect your system. The expected result of something like this is definite loss of data, hours of wasted time, and probably the necessity to re install your operating system. IF your Windows operating system starts up, that is. There is no way to restore pc if the computer doesnt boot at all, is there? When you have Rollback Rx installed you dont have to panic about coming across situations like this. All you have to do is reboot your PC. Since your Windows operating system is not starting up, you might think theres no way to do it. But there is. You just access the HOME key on your keyboard and watch for the green light to come on. Then you choose the snapshot that was taken by Rollback Rx before the problem occurred. Give it about two or three seconds – and youll see your computer spring to life, and get going with booting. Go ahead; check your computer for viruses, if you had a virus attack. Youll be pleased with the No Virus Found result. Just check to see if you can find all the data you stored. Yes, again. All within less than five minutes. No effort, no downtime, no tension. Rollback Rx system restore software is nothing less than a magic wand!