The reverse annuity mortgage was made with the purpose of giving senior citizens and easy way to tap into the equity in their homes. This type of loan has the lender paying the borrower every month rather than the other way around. This included with the fact that the loan is not paid for until the home is sold or the owner dies makes it a beneficial way for someone over the age of sixty two to get a hold of money without the fear of losing their home. Just like any other loan however you need to make sure this is the right choice before proceeding.

This type of loan similarly to a home equity loan can either be taken on in a lump sum, monthly payments, or in some cases in a line of credit. The main difference between this and a home equity loan is of course that the borrower will not have to pay back the loan in their life time unless they decide to sell the home. They will be able to continue living in the home for as long as they want.

This means that the home however cannot be willed to anyone since it will need to be sold in order to pay for the loan. There are cases that lenders will be willing to work something out with the family if they are looking to keep the home.