A proper, beforehand planning is necessary to safeguard self-dignity and to attain a secured after-retirement life. We all admit that.
Life is never the same after-retirement. Some people want to live close to the hard-earned friends or family whereas some people want to live unaided or in Nursing Homes, Retirement Communities, Home Health Care, Retirement Homes, Active Adult Communities, Senior Apartments. Whatever the reason be, some basic calculations are necessary for a better future.
Let us answer two simple and primary questions-
What is my primary consideration in the decision on where to reside?

It may be closeness to family, state retirement benefits, medical reasons, dream location, specific medical care or other reasons.
Which type of care am I searching?
It may be assisted living, Retirement Care Guide – a comprehensive and user friendly directory of retirement homes, retirement communities, home health care, nursing homes, senior apartments and elder care facilities throughout the US specially for Florida, Arizona, Minnesota and Iowa region.Planners find hard to collect.