A common part of life that affects many people is panic attacks. From some people in todays stressful and busy world an anxiety panic attack symptom is a normal part of life unfortunately. Are you one who suffers from panic attacks? Do you have a greater chance of getting anxiety or panic disorders? Do you know what the anxiety panic attack symptoms are? Some of these symptoms will be outlined in this article along with information on exactly was a panic attack is and how they happen.

One out of every three Americans suffers from some sort of panic or anxiety disorders according to many sources. As the demands of life in the global economy become strenuous and harmful this number in steadily rising. Sudden urges of overwhelming emotions are the basics of panic attacks and often include fear or heavy stress that comes without warning. An estimated 75 million people every year throughout the world are affected by these attacks.


In and of itself an anxiety panic attack symptom can be dangerous and very different. The symptoms themselves can be harmful, but also having a full-on panic attack and its outcome can be deadly. To get help with your symptoms and deal with your problem you should talk with your medical professional. Therapy or medication may be two solutions but there can also be variations on a combination of the two.

A raging heartbeat, hot flashes or chills, choking, chest pains, sweating, trembling, shaking, difficulty breathing, sudden overwhelming fear, fear of sudden death or injury for no reason, anxiousness, fearfulness, general feelings of dread, dizziness, light-headedness and any number of other similar symptoms are ones that come with a panic attack.

Of most afflictions, panic is the one that makes the fastest changes to the human bodies makeup. This is because the body is often overwhelmed from the attack which is so sudden and overtakes many of the bodily systems so that is just shuts down. Panic attacks generally appear as other medical problems which makes very doctors and other medical professionals unprepared and ill-equipped to diagnose chronic anxiety and panic attacks properly.

Seek Professional Help

There are a variety of anxiety panic attack symptoms and they typically represent a variety of other afflictions. Gathering a variety of opinions is important for this reason in case you believe you are having frequent panic attacks. Panic attack is often incorrectly diagnosed by many medical professionals as a symptom or a surface problem. To properly diagnose an anxiety or panic attack as a chronic problem it can often take several visits to a physician.