Yes, putting a large diamond in front of your mate will make her excited. But, put a diamond-less band in front of her with the perfect proposals plan and she will be even more excited. If you think that the wow factor comes from the size of the diamond, you are headed toward joining the 80% of other men that proposed in a less than satisfactory way, according to a recent survey of women. They made no mention of the disappointment in the size of the ring, more was directed at the less than romantic features of the proposal. Does this mean that women can care less about the ring? Not exactly, but they do not see this as the most influencing factor of whether the proposal was successful or not.
Back in school science classes, we learned a simple rule of physics – reaction is a direct result of action. So, in this case of proposals the actions that you take in planning for a thoughtful and intimately touching event will result in a better reaction. There are many ways to create actions on your part that will get the reaction to the level that you would like. Believe it or not, many of these are not very costly and are more attuned with your creative and planning skills.
Most anything that you create with your own efforts will be a major plus in the proposal. Your direct involvement will raise the reaction factor tremendously. The most romantic items, as reported by women are the things that their man DID (notice, not bought). Though there may be items that you purchase in this process, it will be what you DO with these items that will have the most lasting effect on your mate.
To get the greatest reaction of joy, excitement, and astonishment you should aim for a proposal that incorporates what she thinks you are capable, but you may have not shown her yet. These items will show the length that you are willing to go for her love and that the intimate bond that you tow share allows you to grow as a person. These types of proposals, when incorporate with the T.I.P. model, get reactions that are far superior to those that simply flash a big diamond.
As far as you want to go, you can find that the reaction of your mate will usually be directly aligned with your efforts. The more that you decide to put into making you opportunity to shine in the proposal, the better response you should expect from your mate. So, if you find that the reaction is not as planned, you should look to the plan for the reason.