I believe strongly that prayer and scripture are two of the most powerful tools for the Christian. Much of my writing centers around these. But there are many times that I can identify with the father who brought his son to Jesus in Mark 9:14-24. “I believe, but help my unbelief.”

How many of us read the Bible’s precious promises and pray over troublesome situations, just to have the fear and worry return as soon as we’re done? How much are we actually trusting God? It is difficult to let go of the problem. We want to take it back and try to fix it ourselves.

Here are a few suggestions that I’m working on. Maybe you will find them helpful, also.

1. Confess your fear and lack of faith to God.

Our pastor always says that confession is the beginning of healing. Simply tell God that you are struggling in this area. Tell him that you have the head knowledge, but you need the assurance in your heart. He knows our thoughts anyway. We might as well talk it out with him.

2. Counteract fear with positive affirmations.

When the worry starts to creep back in, don’t just lie down and take it. Fight back. Say to yourself – even out loud – “I’ve given this problem to God. He is able and willing to take care of it. He is already working on the answer, even if I can’t see it yet. It he can create the universe, and raise Jesus from the dead, this is easy for him!”

Then start thanking him for loving you, for caring, for his power and wisdom. Thank him for the answer. Start picturing the prayer being answered in your mind.

3. Think of all the times God has answered prayer and has solved your problems.

This is where it is helpful to have a prayer notebook or journal. Jot down prayer needs and requests and date them. As time goes by, you can look back over your notebook and witness God’s mighty power in your life. When you see how he has brought you through something, it gives you more faith for the next time.

4. Realize that this is a growing process.

Don’t get too down on yourself if you are weak in the faith area. Don’t spend energy on self-condemnation. None of us have arrived spiritually. We are all growing up in Christ at different rates of speed. The important thing is that we are growing. Hopefully, you have more faith than you did a year ago. If not, pray for it. The Lord wants to give it to you.

Isaiah 26:3 says that God will keep us in perfect peace if our mind is stayed on him, because we trust him. Ask God to give you the ability to keep your mind anchored and focused on him instead of the problem. Then you’ll start to experience his perfect peace that passes all understanding.

By Jessica Gerald

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