The act, art or process of making outstanding public speeches to a people in a structured and deliberate approach is called public speaking. Your goal as a public speaker is usually to inform, influence or entertain the audience. The foundation of your success depends on how well you have figured out who is saying whom about what via what medium and with what effects. Among all the known fears, public speaking, known as glossophobia is the worst. So, pay adequate attention to prepare your speech.

Connecting with the crowd

Did you ever notice how the people love public speakers that seem born with the public speaking ability. I’m sure you can think of politicians and our old college professors who knew how to keep us mesmerized with their words. Nonetheless, the majority of folks are really scarred when their asked to speak to a group even if their excellent at making public speeches.

Beleive me, anyone can be a great public speaker by proper rehearsal. These days, even the task of writing the speech has been relieved since many proffesionals give free online content.

Things to consider

When preparing to speak publicly, you must concentrate on the crowd and think of ways to hold their interest in listening to you to the end. Listen to yourself while you rehearse. To become a better speaker, record the length of your speech, set spots in advance, where you can change your speed, tone and rhythm and plan your speech.

The way you walk in and the beginning few minutes of your public speech can form a long lasting impression on your people. The degree of calmness and confidence you project will affect the impact you create. Start on a strong note and keep the crowds attention. Have an opening statement to grip your people. Don’t look tense, even if you are late, but show a calm posture.

A broad range of situations occur where people on the move, like travelogue documenters or photographers have to address a group to talk about their travel. For these, portable lecterns are quite useful. Some models are also available to hold laptops.

Many folks join organizations like Toastmasters etc, to help them to learn by speaking to groups. A common public speaking occurance that arises are graduation announcements. You are generally asked to give a speech where you thank everyone for being there, many make it more fascinating by recalling an important occurance that occurred during your school days.

Graduation announcements

Nearly all people prepare a graduation speech around a theme like an art-related theme for someone in literature or art, a scientific theme for a science major and a business theme for a business graduate etc.

To wrap up this short article on public speaking I’d like to point out 2 more things.

1. Prepare well in advance. Ensure you have all the content you’ll need, than practice your public speech ahead of time. Try speaking into a full length mirror; you’ll begin to notice things about hand movements and posture you may not have picked up on previously.

2. Something that’s helped me as well; tape or video record your speech. Than watch it afterward and take notes. If you do this once per day leading up to the big day you’ll appear as a proffesional speaker, even if you are shaking in your boots.