Psychic phenomenon: Watch out it is all around you.

Psychic phenomenon happens all the time and the more you expect it then you will experience lots of psychic events.

So what types of psychic phenomenon can you expect to experience?

1. Make a point in predicting who is about to call you on the telephone.

2. Before you open the door take a few moments to predict who is on the other side.

3. You will meet many people in pain; see if you can predict where their discomfort is. If you practice this you will know intuitively how to heal them.

4. Most people have problems see if you can psychically predict what they are.

5. Look at the news and see if you can accurately predict the outcome of future events.

6. When watching sport predict which team will win and what the score will be.

7. See if you can accurately predict what your friends will talk about today.

8. Predict who will be the first friend you will you will meet today.

9. Learn to remove negative energy from your body. This is the big secret to raising your vibration high enough to becoming a psychic medium.

If you wish to work on your psychic development then take that extra few minutes to experience psychic phenomenon. It will occur if you expect it. It is all about taking those few moments to tune in.