If you promote products via ClickBank or are thinking of starting you need to be aware of a big problem that plagues most affiliate marketers right now.

What might this “big” problem be?

Commission theft.

You see, when people see that your link is a Clickbank based affiliate link (also referred to as hop link) they know that you are an affiliate and that you have encoded your affiliate ID into that link in order to be paid commission.

While not everyone will realize this or be able to spot a Clickbank affiliate link, many will and of those that do, some will flat out steal from you!

How is it possible for someone to steal your affiliate commissions?

Simple, they simply replace your affiliate ID with theirs and then purchase the product. Then they get the commission you where supposed to get and they get the product.

Im sure that probably makes your stomach turn, it sure did for me. You might be wandering just how bad this commission theft really is. Well, in recent tests I found that as much as 15-20% of my affiliate commissions where being ripped off.

I knew there had to be some way of combating this so started asking around and looking at solutions for disguising my links. One way I found was called cloaking, which I wont get into too much detail about other than the fact it is setup to trick Internet Explorer into showing a URL that the visitor is not really at and is now being blocked in the new version of IE so this option was out.

I did, however find a solution that was simple and free!

The only thing that it requires is that you have a website, nothing more. This little trick will also make your hop links appear to come from your site without any nasty tricks that get your links blocked. Internet Explorer actually loves these links!

Heres how it works:

In the code below simply replace “PASTE-YOUR-LINK-HERE” with your Clickbank hop link including http and www. Now copy all of the code from to and paste it into a blank document and save the page as HTML.

You can title the page anything you want so it doesnt look like an ad and upload it to your server.

It can be:




For an advanced setup you can create a new folder on your website and place the HTML file in that folder with the name index.html which will make your links look like this…



Pretty cool right?

Make sure that you change all of your links to use this tactic so that you can save your affiliate commissions from those commission thieves!

You now have the tools and the power to maximize your commissions on every promotional effort that you put into action!

To your success!
Trevor Watson

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