We’ve been told many times how important it is to make a good first impression. You only have one chance to make a first impression. We also have been told how important it is to create a positive rapport.

Would you like to know the best way to talk to a prospect you have never met? How to make a good first impression and create instant rapport.

You probably know that you should talk your prospects language. You should match his rate of speaking.

You are probably sophisticated enough to know that people are different and that a single method of talking to them is not the best approach. Some people like to get right to the point, others feel insulted if you don’t warm them up and talk about family first. Some only want the big picture, others need details. You have to speak slowly to some and quickly to others.

What if you could find out before you ever meet him which approach fits Mr. Unknown Prospect? That would give you a big advantage, wouldn’t it?

Let me tell you about Bill who has a clever way of doing this.

Bill is a friend of mine who regularly makes million-dollar sales in the technical field. He has a clear vision of his goals. He knows exactly what he wants and a strategy for achieving it. Thinking about his goals creates a burning desire in him to achieve it.

Bill knows exactly how to talk his prospects’ language and create instant rapport. One of his clever tactics is to listen to his prospects’ voice mail. Here is how he explained it to me.

“How do you use your prospects’ voice mail, Bill?”

“I just listen to what my prospects says and how he says it. For example, suppose my prospects voice mail goes something like this:

‘Hello, this is Tom Jones. I am sorry I missed your call. Your call is very important to me. Please leave your name and address and telephone number. I’ll get back you just as soon as I can. Have a wonderful day.’

“His voice is warm and soothing. He speaks moderately slow. When I meet him, I know my own voice should be warm and soothing and I must speak moderately slow. Also I know this person needs to be warmed up. It is important to ask him how he is and how is his family. Then I can get down to business. I need to explain my proposal fully and provide plenty of details along with assurances and guarantees.”

“I can see you are familiar with the DISC system of communication, Bill.”

“That’s right, Stan. I can listen to a prospects voice mail and even though I never met him or her, I can tell the best way to approach my prospect. It gives me a big advantage and makes my work more fun.”

“Can you give more examples of how you use voice mail, Bill?”

“I’d be glad to, but I got an appointment. We can talk some more about this the next time we meet.” I know you are busy and do not have time to read lengthy e-mails, so I keep my articles short. In my next issue I will tell you more about using voice mail to make a great first impression and connecting with anyone with whom you negotiate.