The relationship between a business and a Web host resembles that of a tenant and landlord. The tenant decorates and operates his/her store but leaves the duty of maintenance to the landlord. Similarly, a business builds its own Web site but the Web host maintains the network of web servers. Businesses prefer Web hosts as it means no huge investment, nor any technical headache.

Shared servers in which your Web site shares a server with many other sites might suit small businesses because of the low costs involved. But for large and important businesses, the system is unlikely to prove convenient because of the long time required to load a page. The visitors could find the wait too long and move away.

A dedicated server, allotted solely to you may be expensive but still a much better option. In this case, Webmasters can exercise full control over the back end of the server, including choice of operating systems.

You must consider four things before choosing the right Web hosting package: size of the site, volume of business, number of email accounts and importance of the site. You will need more disk space if your site contains more pages and files. The number of people that visits your Web site will determine the amount of data transfer needed by you. You will probably like a separate email for each employee and few other addresses linking sales, information and things like that. Finally, the Web site IS important for your business. With it, you will increase your visibility and reach your potential customers all across the world.

Many Web hosts are eminently affordable with price below $8. They also offer your business solid support service, high site availability and best performance. From them, you can get large Web space and bandwidth at cheap rates. Some also offer shopping cart, online marketing packages, and e-commerce ready hosting. Now, the choice is yours.