To flow is rhythm and what is life but an incessant march towards the smiles we treasure, tears we care for and giggles we cherish. Let us talk straight for once. What was the last time we smiled alone? When was it that you dig your head deep within your heart and how often do you relish recluse?

Answers of these queries may or may not relate to the divine experience of music which would help you gauge your musical propensity. A complex world of simple feelings, pleasure for many and solace for others, music for all but few is the pseudo force propelling our march towards pleasure. And what an absolute pleasure it has always rendered!

Musical instruments have covered the journey very much parallel to the soul of music. They are the medium of joy between the world of insuperable intricacies we live in and music which is best explained as inexplicable. One such musical instrument is piano or pianoforte.

For ages pianos are weaving music at our behest rendering an unparalleled sense of joy and ecstasy. Primitive men would have had a taste of it when they stretched the string of their bow while hunting. But the realisation of that experience in shape of piano was made possible by Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy and ever since he first made a piano in the late seventeenth century, it has undergone various stages of transformation to have evolved as how we see a piano today.

Piano is an instrument belonging to the school of western music and many supreme artists have composed their music on this instrument including the likes of Mozart. These days, one does not find a piano artist or a show very common, however it does not deter those who would love to experience the spirit of absolute music.

Not all music instrument stores would have a piano in their list, but a quality music instrument store should always found to be flaunting its piano collection (in case they have) with much pride. Since it is relatively costly instrument, visiting a used musical instrument store is not a bad idea at all. After all music has often sourced eternity, be it a used piano or a new one, let the music flow!