It is in the beginning of each year that many of us decide to embark on a new way of life, changes and new things that we want in our lives become real for a few days or a few hours, as we plan our new life and goal settings. The real question is why should we embark on goal settings for a new year or any year.

What is it with the New Year that would place almost everyone at a higher place of purity and conscientiousness? Most people spend the last days of the year thinking about what to put on their imaginary list of New Year resolutions that will most likely remain, what else but imaginary.

In this goals setting we express not only our real passions and hopes but also our fears and our darkest secrets, since we are also expressing them in our peruse of better a better life, without those things that we fear will cripple us in our journey and that are the same things we want to stop doing, or even eliminate completely from our lives.

New Year resolution is the more popular name for a wish list or a wishful goal setting. Most goal setting done before the year ends are however buried and forgotten barely a month after they have been made. A person who wants to make his own list of resolutions and to fulfill such resolution should consider the list not as a mere wish list but as a venue for goal setting.

The reason why too many New Year resolutions fail is because they were made in haste and without a sense of realism. Anyone who wants to keep his goals should think twice before setting such goals. And only set goals which can be fulfilled considering the situation the person is in. To be more successful in goal setting, a person has to carefully deliberate on the goals he wants to include in his list. Then he should choose the goals that are realistic and doable for him.

A person who weighs 200 kilos should not set a goal that would entail him to lose 50 pounds in three months. That is not only unrealistic and undoable but also dangerous to the health. Goal setting would be more realistic and doable if the goal of such person is to stop drinking carbonated drinks effective January. This goal may require a lot of determination but it is possible for a 200-kilo person trying to lose weight.

Putting such goals to paper would be a good idea so that the person has a map as to his goals for the New Year. Such map or guide can help him at times when he is starting to lose sight of his goals. A person who has listed his goals should also make list of possible strategies that would help him fulfill such goal. Like if he swears not to drink carbonated drinks by next year to keep his weight at a minimum, he should devise ways to stick to this goal.