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Picture this. Your car broke down and you urgently need to come up with $500 over the next two days. You have recently joined an upmarket corporate and have carefully cultivated the image of an ‘ideal’ employee. You have everything going for you, but for your finances.

You need to borrow cash desperately but want to be discrete about it, lest the chink in your armor shows up. A small loan from the bank holding your salary account could just do the trick. After filling the online loan application, you approach the bank for an actual storefront transaction. You enter the bank, and glance around. As you start to feel comfortable; out of the blue, you chance upon one of your colleagues’ engaged in a deep conversation with the bank manager! He too notices you: carrying the loan application in hand, and a deep red face on your shoulders. Oh no! I should not have come here on my own, you think, all the time cooking up a plausible excuse and looking for the best possible escape route.

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The above situation is no figment of imagination. It can happen to anybody.
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