Recently, it has been reported that the use of Paxil, an antidepressant medication, has caused a condition known as akathisia; which is a condition of severe inner restlessness. This akathisia has lead to increased suicidal and violent thoughts leading to the injury, harm or death to many of the patients taking Paxil. Because of the increase in injury and death, many new lawsuits against the GlaxoSmithKline Company, the manufacturers of the drug, Paxil, have been opened and reported. Paxil was never approved or recommended by the American Food and Drug Administration and many doctors went forward and prescribed Paxil to patients under eighteen years old and to those who were pregnant or nursing based solely on their professional judgment. Today, many of these patients have suffered extreme side effects, including suicidal death as a result of taking the prescribed Paxil.

In 2004, a Paxil lawsuit was filed by the New York State Attorney stating that Paxil was ineffective in the treatment of adolescent mental disorders and that the GlaxoSmithKline company may have hidden or misrepresented vital information to the public about the side effects and complications that could arise from pediatric use of Paxil. This is just one of the larger Paxil lawsuits that have been filed. Since this Paxil lawsuit, there have been more than five thousand Paxil-related lawsuits filed in the United States (and another 2500 in Britain) because of the various complications and deaths that resulted from the use of Paxil. Many lawyers and activist have lobbied in an attempt to get Paxil removed from the United States market, but to date, have been unsuccessful.

If you or your family (or anyone you know) has taken Paxil and has suffered the consequences of this antidepressant drug, it is recommended that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible so that you can you have a successful claim in the Paxil lawsuit. Remember, there may be limits of statutes to consider, so it is very important that you contact a legal representative who specializes in the Paxil lawsuit as soon as possible because chances are, you also have a viable Paxil lawsuit. There are experienced Paxil lawsuit professionals who can look over your information and let you know what you can do about your case, what your rights and responsibilities are in regards to your case, and advise you of what actions to take to obtain the maximum results of your Paxil lawsuit. You can get free information from drug litigation lawyers about the Paxil lawsuit and claims. Your initial consultation should be all you need in order to determine if you have a viable Paxil lawsuit claim.