Many people think that owning land in a foreign country is a far off dream or fantasy. However, it is easier than you might think. A tropical paradise awaits, if you choose to purchase real estate in Costa Rica. Lush rainforests, breathtaking mountain views and Costa Rica beach properties are just a few of the desirable locations investors consider.

Investing in Costa Rica is easy with the help of land development companies located throughout the country. They help buyers through all the details of property ownership, from finding the perfect piece of Costa Rica land for sale to forming an LLC corporation (an S.A. in Costa Rica and the only way foreigners can purchase Costa Rica property), and paying all applicable taxes and fees. These developers will help investors navigate through the entire process. In addition, many of these companies will take the extra step to help the new owner in developing the property with modern infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer and electric.

The reason Costa Rica real estate is such a hot commodity is due in part to the Central American Foreign Trade Agreement (CAFTA). This legislation has brought thriving Fortune 500 corporations to the country and has increased the value of Costa Rica Properties. IBM, Intel, Sony and Chiquita are just a few of the large corporations that call Costa Rica home. Couple big business with no year-end income tax filings (the government takes 9% from employee wages in lieu of income tax filings) and Costa Rica becomes not only a beautiful place to live, but an economical one as well.

Not only is Costa Rica land desirable, the country is host to some of the most generous people on earth. Known for their hospitable nature and genuine compassion, they are as beautiful as the land in which they call home. This along with its breathtaking scenery is one of the main reasons people are drawn to Costa Rica. However, the economical nature of the countrys property is why people often choose to stay.

The dream of owning land in a foreign country is easier and less expensive that you may think. Costa Rica is a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored with prime real estate just waiting to be purchased.