Original Cartridges: A definite Boon, then the compatible or the refilled versions, although the latter are cheap and easily available, but hazardous to the printer as well as environment.

It has been technically proved that original cartridges printing quality is far better than the refilled or compatible ones. Printer Ink is made up of mixture of pigments and condensed surfactants, biocide along with fungicide, buffering agent, humectants & resin, de-ionized stream of water (May vary depending on the type of Ink).

Some Facts about Printer Ink:

There are two generic categories in accordance to the printer ink.

1. Pigment based Ink

2. Dye Based Ink

Pigment Based Ink: A pigment is a material reflects back the light rays as per the color absorption spectrum. Pigmeted ink consists of agents that permanently embark themselves on the paper and cannot be reomved by any scratch or abrasion. These can include solvent based inks as well as water based inks.

Dye based Ink: Dye based ink consists of micro granuals and is of high density and mostly give out a blurred results due to its slow penetration properties.

Why Original Cartridges?

Answer to the above question is: Reliabilty, Supeiror quality, Quick Drying of ink, waterproof results and fade resistent print outs. As the Original cartridges are filled with pigment based Inks, they tend to dry faster when used to print. Moreover, the surfactant supports to balance of the wetting of paper, the surface tension. The resins in the ink make sure that the ink remains permanent & waterproof on the surface, humactents reduces desertion, That is only available in the Original Ink cartridges and not the refilled ones.

The Use of pigment ink ensures quick drying of ink and non abrasion proof printing, enhancing the printouts quality.

Disadvantages of refilled cartridges:

The refilled cartridges are filled up with dye based inks most often and is made of inferior quality material like non-biodegradeable plastic frames, and ink clogged filters. The dye based ink being of higher density due to its micro granuls, has a very slow penetration rate thereby resulting in a blurred output and often the ink remains clogged in the nozzles causing a serious nozzle jam. More over the printer head starts up printing outputs with strike off lines in the printed matter. Which is not the case with original cartridges.

The dye based refilled cartridges are not waterproof, and does not carry a warranty or a gaurantee, in case the faults show up. Using of refilled cartridges voids off the printer warranty, as the head compatibilty with the cartridges is best suited with the original ones. Refilled cartridges generally do not maintain the air balance, which eventually causes the ink flow to be discontinous in nature causing missed printouts.

Buying an Original Cartridge would be much advantageous and hassle free for a long term use. Refilled Cartridges might seem cheaper, but cause the above said problems and do not ensure the quality and worth the money you spend. Natla.co.uk Provides Original Ink Cartridges at Low prices with no hidden extras e.g postage, package, VAT.

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